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How to Make Your Own Lettuce Bikini


  • Do not make the final product until you are ready to wear it.

lettuce bikiniWarnings

  • If you use real lettuce, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, or else the bikini will wilt!
  • Lettuce is a very delicate material to work with, and typical sewing thread may cause it to tear. Be prepared with a back-up bikini if yours falls off.

Things You’ll Need

  • Lettuce—preferably romaine, which is both fluffy and sturdy at the same time
  • Thread—preferably green, white, or clear
  • Ribbon—preferably green or white
  • Any additional dressings you may want to add (e.g., herbs, rhinestones) and an adhesive


  1. Start with the bikini top. Hold a leaf of romaine over each breast, with ruffles up toward your neck. Trim off the bottom of the leaf so that it ends directly below your breast. Sew leaves together, leaving as much space as you’d like between the two for cleavage.
  2. Construct the strap to go around the neck. Sew ribbon onto the top or side of each leaf. Only perform this step if the support is needed. A strapless lettuce bikini is much sexier, if you can pull it off.
  3. Construct the back strap. This step should not be performed until you are ready to wear the bikini. Lettuce will brown quickly, so you should sew yourself into the top. Sew ribbon onto one side of the bikini and then place it on your body, fully or partially covering the breasts. Pull ribbon around your back and to the other side, sewing the top closed.
  4. Construct bikini bottoms. Find one of the larger leaves and place it over your bottom to get a rough idea of how much lettuce coverage you will need. Cut into an inverted triangle, making the lettuce as skimpy as you’d like.
  5. Repeat step four on the front side of your body.
  6. Connect the bikini bottom by sewing the two pieces of lettuce together, peak to peak. Place the lettuce on the bottom half of your body, and sew the appropriate amount of ribbon into place—only on one side of the bikini.
    Again, this step should not be performed until you are ready to wear the bottoms. With the bottoms in place, use the appropriate amount of ribbon to connect the two pieces of lettuce, and sew the bikini bottoms closed.

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